Thank you for your interest in the Cyberfellows CyberCorps™ Scholarship For Service Program. We are excited that you are considering applying. Please note that the deadline for all application materials to be received is April 7th, 2017. We will commence interviews the week of April 17th following a review of the applications.

As you know, the program is designed to bring students with degrees that include significant focus on cybersecurity into governmental cybersecurity positions. There are significant financial benefits for being part of the program, including:

  • Full tuition support
  • An annual stipend of $34,000 for graduate students or $22,000 for undergraduates
  • Health insurance coverage for graduate students
  • An allowance of $4,000 annually for travel and professional development
  • An allowance for $2,000 annually for textbooks
  • Additionally, students who are in the program over a summer are required to obtain a paid internship; this pay is in addition to the benefits above

Students receving these benefits are subject to a number of requirements from the Office of Personnel Management and from the Georgetown Cyberfellows Program. Before applying, you should carefully read the documents below to understand the commitment and ensure you are capable of meeting these requirements. Please note that failure to enter into an approved governmental cybersecurity position for the required time will result in being required to repay the scholarship.

- OPM Service Agreement 
- Georgetown University Cybersecurity Fellows Program Awardee Agreement

Also be aware that many governmental cybersecurity positions require a security clearance which can impose other limitations. Please contact us if you have questions about this.

For 2017, applications are limited to students who are already enrolled at Georgetown.

To apply, you will need the following items:
   - Your personal information, including the test scores you used to apply to Georgetown.
   - A copy of your transcript. This must be a PDF file. (For 2017, a Georgetown unofficial copy is allowed - please submit the version that includes mean grades for classes attended).
   - A personal statement that describes your interest in cybersecurity; the coursework you have completed or plan to complete in cybersecurity; and what your professional goals are, describing where you might complete your required service. This must be a PDF file.​

You will also need the title, name, and email addresses of two people to recommend you for the scholarship. These should be people who know your academic ability and commitment and who preferably are able to comment on your cybersecurity experience and suitability for a governmental position.

When you are ready to apply you may do so here: note that you must be logged into your Georgetown Google Apps account using your netid.

Applications are closed.